IV therapy is the most efficient way to provide your body with the vitamins you need.

IV infusion: Vitamin C
Vitamin C is a critical vitamin that has many antioxidant properties. It has been shown to provide your body with a wealth of benefits and protective functions against health risks such as strokes, heart disease, different kinds of cancer, and others. It has anti-inflammatory and anti-aging benefits in addition to its many protective and preventive health benefits.

IV therapy: Myer’s Cocktail
The Myer’s Cocktail includes an infusion of Vitamin C, Vitamin B Complex, calcium and magnesium. It is especially beneficial to those who experience various health conditions or concerns, including:

  • People who are very sick with conditions, especially bowel issues, that arise from a vitamin or mineral deficiency.
  • People who have suboptimal immune systems or those who have a tendency to get ill easily. Treatment with the Myer’s Cocktail IV therapy can slow or altogether halt the onset of an illness like the flu or a cold.
  • People with chronic health conditions or concerns.
  • People who are athletes, especially those who engage in competition. Athletes often engage in a Myer’s Cocktail in the week leading up to and following an athletic competition in order to facilitate a speedy recovery and promote optimal performance.
  • People with hives.
  • People who travel extensively, especially those whose travels include frequently flying. Those who become susceptible to illness by virtue of becoming run down, and also increase the risk of exposure when traveling by plane.

Before receiving IV therapy, ask your doctor how to prepare yourself for treatment. Your body will need to be completely hydrated before undergoing IV therapy. Your doctor will have insight as to what to expect before, during and after your treatment so that the results are as positive and beneficial as possible.

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