Booster Shots

Skip the daily vitamin routine — get your vitamins for the week in a single session.

Getting a vitamin booster shot is the most efficient way to provide your body with the vitamins it needs to increase your focus, your metabolism, your energy and more. Rather than spending every day keeping track of what pills you’re supposed to take, simply get your entire week’s worth of vitamins in one shot.

In fact, getting your vitamins through a booster shot rather than taking them orally increases your body’s ability to absorb them and put them to good use. By administering your vitamins directly to your bloodstream, your body can use them immediately rather than your vitamins having to go through the GI system first.

Receiving booster shots as intramuscular deliveries is even more efficient, as the tissues in your muscles contain a significantly greater degree of blood than that found just beneath your skin, which facilitates the transportation of your vitamin booster even better. When you take vitamins orally and they have to navigate the GI process, your body will most likely only end up with about 20 percent of what you took to use. The rest gets digested.

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Not only that, but most of the time when you buy vitamin pills and capsule at a store, you’d be surprised to discover how many filler agents and unnecessary ingredients go into those supplements and vitamin supplies. Some of those ingredients are necessary to ensure that the actual vitamin content in the pills remain intact during the course of shipping and manufacturing, but that doesn’t negate from the fact that the pills are less efficient and lower in quality than the booster shot alternative that provide a pure form of the vitamins you need.

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