How is your sex life?

We understand that’s a personal question. But it’s an important one! If you’re struggling with performance in the bedroom, then you know that a difficult sex life can dramatically impact your confidence, emotional state, and even your long-term health. And if you struggle with Erectile Dysfunction (ED), an enlarged prostate, or other conditions, then you know that improving your sex life can be problematic at best.

That’s where the Priapus Shot comes in.

There are hundreds of treatments out there that promise all kinds of benefits. Some of them just don’t work, and others only offer short-term benefits. The Priapus Shot (P-Shot) is different.

P-Shot uses a painless injection of plasma-rich platelets – PRPs – administered to your penis. These PRPs, derived from your own blood, contain stem cells that are charged with the biological potential necessary to, for lack of a better term, “perk up” your penis. You’ll see serious results in as quickly as a few days. And these results last! No more keeping up with a prescription or trying things only to see them fail over and over again.

With the P-Shot, that difficult sex life of yours can be transformed into the passionate, fulfilling experience you’ve always wanted. And trust us – your significant other is going to be pleased, too.

The P-Shot is a simple, painless, non-invasive injection. The whole process takes only thirty minutes, and there’s no downtime afterward. First, we draw some of your blood – no more than what you’d have to give at a normal doctor’s appointment. This is how we acquire the PRPs – plasma-rich platelets – from your blood. These PRPs are then injected in your penis.

That’s it. No doctor’s visit, no surgeries, no prescriptions.

The P-Shot can help anybody who’s having trouble in the bedroom. Young, old, and otherwise, the P-Shot will deliver improved sexual performance, and can even produce increases in penile girth. In particular, P-Shot is great for you if you suffer from erectile dysfunction of any kind, whether it’s caused by side-effects from medication, or something more serious, like diabetes or Peyronie’s disease.

Before you receive the P-Shot, we’ll give you a local anesthetic to make sure you don’t feel any pain.

Once you get the shot, you’ll need to use a vacuum pump to help the PRP circulate properly into the tissues of your penis. Don’t worry – we’ll provide the necessary hardware. And good news: using that pump will also help prepare your penis for the gains in length and girth that the P-Shot will provide.

You’ll also want to make a follow-up visit to a doctor after about four weeks. This is just to ensure that the process is working. If you like, you can also schedule a second P-Shot injection at that point.

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