Vaginal Tightening with ThermiVa

Women’s bodies go through a great deal of change throughout the course of life. From the childbirth and pregnancy experience to the changes that naturally occur with aging, to weight fluctuations over time, many factors can contribute to the way that women’s anatomy evolves over time.

Any or all of these experiences may change the sensations and appearance of a woman’s vagina, which can lead to discomfort or even pain during sexual activity. Many women experience a less-than-satisfying sex life as they age, and may even feel like they have become less valuable, less confident, or less vibrant as they grow into the later stages of life.

ThermiVa is a proven, safe and effective treatment that yields a wealth of benefits for women’s sexual health. It’s discrete and entails no down time, taking place over the course of several 30-minute sessions with no anaesthesia involved.

ThermiVa provides many benefits to women including:

  • Increased natural lubrication
  • Tightening of the vaginal muscles
  • Increased quality of your sex life
  • Increased sensitivity
  • And much more.

ThermiVa encourages the tightening of the inner and outer areas of the vagina by stimulating the production of collagen with radiofrequency technology. This strengthens the muscles within the interior canal of the vagina, and improves the appearance of the labia to boost women’s confidence in sexual contexts.

The procedure is completely safe and proven to be effective, and entails the insertion of a specialized wand into the vagina to facilitate the procedure. We recommend that you spread out the treatment over the course of several 30-minute treatments — but you can return to normal daily activity (and even sexual activity) the same day you receive a treatment.

There are no associated risks or health concerns, and the procedure is painless and comfortable. Get in touch with us to discuss whether ThermiVa is the right option for you.

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