All aboard, Modern Med Centers Doctors is Coming to the San Francisco IV Therapy Scene!

Modern Med Centers IV Vitamin Therapy & Regenerative Center is excited to announce we will be opening the first of three locations in San Francisco in April 2019, located on Union Street centrally between the bustling neighborhoods of Cow Hollow, Marina District, Nob Hill, and Pacific Heights.

IV vitamin therapy is ideal for anyone seeking a healthier lifestyle through treatments aimed at anti-aging via regenerative medicine. Many of us often seek wellness reactively, when we are sick and not feeling well. However, at Modern Med Centers, we encourage a proactive approach to health via preventative wellness. IV therapy offers instant hydration and a rich complex of vitamins, amino acids, and antioxidants that help restore and optimize the natural balance of your body and mind. The high dose nutrients intravenously administered are already naturally produced in your body, we only seek to level out any deficiencies. With micronutrient testing and one-on-one physician consultations, we can measure any imbalances and customize the best IV treatment to suit your individual needs. Through our IV therapies, beauty, wellness, and anti-aging programs, we aim to help you look and feel your best!

The use of IV therapy to restore electrolytes, aid in healing infections and diseases has been around for nearly two centuries. IV vitamin therapy is the only delivery method that provides 100% bioavailability, since it is administered directly into the bloodstream and absorbed by the body’s circulatory system therefore able to have an active effect. Vitamins and nutrients taken orally provide only 20-30% absorption since they are filtered through the digestive system, which weakens their potency and renders them ineffective in fighting off common infections and illnesses like the cold and flu. This fact makes IV therapy an optimal treatment for autoimmune disease sufferers.

The lack of essential vitamins and nutrients causes common deficiencies and ailments people suffer from every day. These include, but are not limited to: anxiety, depression, migraines, fatigue, nausea, mental obscurity, chronic conditions, and much more. At Modern Med Centers, among our ten signature infusions, we crafted our own version of the Myers Cocktail IV Drip with high doses of vitamin C, B12, B complex and more to help bolster your immune system, provide energy, focus, and overall wellness.

All IV treatments provide benefits based off of different health, wellness and beauty needs. However, if you’re looking for something more regenerative and geared towards anti-aging then NAD IV Therapy may be for you. NAD+ is coenzyme found in all living cells and is regarded as the fountain of youth molecule. By replenishing cellular levels of NAD+ via IV treatment, it can repair DNA, protect brain cells from damage, reduce inflammation and turn on enzymes that help prevent aging. We have NAD treatments for anti-aging, mood disorders and opiate/alcohol detoxification. Specializing in Regenerative Medicine, Modern Med Centers also provides Stem Cell therapy, Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy, and PRP (platelet rich plasma) treatments.

Each treatment is soundly and smoothly administered by Board Certified physicians, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, and registered nurses. If you’re looking for an efficient and holistic way to get your vitamins and antioxidants, then stop by your neighborhood Modern Med Centers, where it is our passion to help you live your best life by achieving a healthy lifestyle.